Tips for organising your wedding

Organising your wedding is one of the most special of occasions, filled with love it is often the day brides have dreamed and grooms have dreamt about since they were young children. However, whilst it is a wonderous occasion, there is lots to think about and plan and this can all too often lead to stresses and strains. We have popped some top tips for you to think about when planning your wedding.

  1. The venue: You might have a long tick list of things that a venue MUST have. The reality is, that the most important thing your venue needs to do is feel right. When you walk into a venue you want to fall in love with it, and this is the most important thing. Whether it hits all of your points will fall into insignificance; this is your day so get married in a setting that you love.
  2. The dress: choose the dress you feel comfortable and beautiful in and don’t be pushed into anything. Try on as many dresses as you can – it may well be the unexpected dress that lights up your world!
  3. You cannot please everyone: weddings are a political nightmare so before you start organising, understand that you cannot please everyone so don’t start to try otherwise you will forget to please yourselves! Your wedding is to celebrate your love so make this the focus and stop trying to please everyone.
  4. Make time for the both of you: Weddings are so full of love with everyone wanting ta piece of the happy couple. Remember to take time together and reflect of the huge occasion of joining together in matrimony.
  5. Enjoy your wedding breakfast: Your first meal as a married couple should be something to be enjoyed by the happy couple – whilst you want your guests to enjoy it too, don’t forget that to choose dishes that you like!
  6. It’s always better to leave guests wanting more: Whilst midnight might seem an early finish, a wedding is a long day for the couple and guests alike. It is far better to have guests wishing a wedding lasted longer than thinking it went on too long.
  7. Ask for advice and help: Your wedding venue is there to help, don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how big or small, they will be delighted to help you. And, let’s not forget, they LOVE weddings so you are doing them a favour asking for advice.
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