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Meet the Supplier Series: Sophia Veres Photography

Welcome to our new series of blogs where we will be introducing you to the very best wedding industry suppliers and experts who will share their advice, ideas and insights on planning your perfect wedding and their industry,

This week we spoke to one of the top wedding photographers, Sophia Veres, to find out her top wedding tips and insights.

Aberdeenshire landscape, Sophia Veres

How did you get into photography?

I would love to say that I inherited some cool film camera and this is how I got into photography, but the truth is a lot less romantic. Around 2006 I started writing a recipe blog, just as a hobby on the side of my full-time job and to take better quality images for the website, I changed my tiny little point and shoot camera to a more complex DSLR. This move made me learn the basics of food photography and as I got more and more confident with my craft, I slowly turned towards portrait photography.  I studied art but I never felt that I had enough real talent for anything I’d done before then but photography, especially wedding photography, gave me the perfect opportunity to ‘create’ without the pressure of calling myself an artist. It’s a sweet creative spot.

What inspires you?

Movies inspire me a lot! I’m fascinated by the sophistication of all aspects of movie making. The way these incredibly talented people can make us, the viewers, feel a certain way. That superpower is very inspiring.

How many weddings and events do you do a year?

My workflow and business model is based on maximum 20 weddings a year. This limit allows me to have several meetings (in person or online) with my clients prior to their weddings and to recharge between weddings creatively. Many of us in the industry make the mistake of over-booking themselves and burn out too quickly.

What do you think is the most important part to factor in when planning a wedding or event?

To me? Light! If photography is important for you, this should be the number one factor to consider.

Bride, Sophia Veres

What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

I know it’s a cliché but my biggest advice would be to do the wedding that you really want. The only positive thing that came with the pandemic that couples now are not afraid of thinking out of the box when it comes to wedding planning. Before jumping on wedding blogs and Pinterest, get a piece of paper and write down what you want. It will help you get back to the core of your plans later on.

To you what makes a wedding memorable?

Good question. It’s never the styling or the dress to me. The most memorable weddings to me have been the very emotional ones and the ones where things didn’t really go by plan but people embraced it.

We can’t ignore COVID and the impact that it has had on our industry, unfortunately. What longer term changes do you think we will see as a result from this?

The constant changes around weddings since COVID started have had a massive impact on both side of the industry. I get to speak to couples on a daily basis who are very positive about the next couple of years, but I think, with every aspects of our lives, we all try to make our plans more flexible than we would have done in the past. We also spend more time explaining our terms and conditions and making sure that we provide plenty of backup plans for our couples in case something goes wrong. In my opinion, most of us in the wedding industry have adopted our products and services very well to the changes and restrictions – it gives plenty of hope for our clients for the future. I have read many articles about elopements getting more and more a thing but personally haven’t experienced any change in my bookings as most of my 2022 weddings are around the 100 guest mark, same as in any other pre-covid year.

Newlyweds, Bruton, Sophie Veres

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Knowing that my photos will be treasured for years. I often receive emails a year or two after the wedding saying how much some of the images that felt insignificant at the time of the wedding, gave so much more to my clients a few years later.

What question do you wish more couples asked you?

It’s a tricky one. My initial answer was yet again, light! The timing of the day is very important especially for winter weddings. I am usually booked at an early stage of wedding planning, often right after they book the venue and then, I would be able to guide them on how to create a timeline that works the best for photos.

What is your favourite time of year for a wedding and why?

I love all four seasons. The different light conditions create different moods and I love that. Technically, summer weddings are a lot easier. Days are longer, and it means, I don’t need to be very bossy on the day while the time after the ceremony at a winter wedding can be a little manic.

What one thing do you think would surprise people about your industry?

I think the amount of work that takes place behind the scenes would surprise people. With that 20 weddings a year, I work 40 hours a week all year around and it’s the same with most of the suppliers in the industry. I can be so involved in certain weddings, I often dream with my clients or their venues.

To see more of Sophia’s incredible work, or to discuss your wedding photography with her, visit her website

Newlyweds, Braemar, Sophia Veres


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