Minterne Gardens will be open from 1st February | 8th June closed 1.55-2.30pm | 22nd June closed 1.55-2.30pm

Walk amongst the the fairies at Minterne Gardens: Fairy Trails



FROM July 29th 2022

There’s nothing more magical than searching forests, woodlands, and gardens for hidden fairy houses and here at Minterne Garden maybe you can hear the beat of tiny gossamer wings as our fairies’ land on their toadstools or a faint splash on the stream as they skim overhead.

If you believe in fairies, see if you can find them dancing under the towering oaks and acers; or are they hidden behind a rock weaving their magic spells or are playing tricks on the humans by hiding out of sight altogether?!

Choose a summer’s afternoon when the sun is the colour of honey (fairies love sweet things!) and search for our Minterne Fairy Trail hidden in the garden.

Minterne’ Fairy Trails from July 29th until September 25th.

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