Minterne Gardens will be open from 1st February | 8th June closed 1.55-2.30pm | 22nd June closed 1.55-2.30pm


There is scientific evidence that going for a walk somewhere green – or just heading for the garden – when we need to recharge or relax improves wellbeing. In South Korea & Japan this is known as “forest-bathing” or “shinrin-yoku”. In Scandinavia it’s called “friluftsliv”, roughly translated as ‘free, air, life.’ Some call it “ecotherapy” in the UK, but whatever you want to call it, a walk in a tranquil garden is just what you will be promised when you visit Minterne Gardens.


So, take a ‘green prescription’, reduce those stress hormones and enjoy 27 acres of wild woodland garden here at Minterne. If we had to paint a picture in words – imagine the sounds of summer – the faint susurration of grass as horses amble by; the subtle odours of grass; rare summer breezes whisking at the leaves; a thousand flowers upon which to feast your eyes, some of which are now appearing.


Candelabra primula (taking its name from the Greek work for a rainbow) carpet the water’s edge, giving vibrant colour and a little height from a group cover plant. At Minterne these plants adore the conditions, so freely multiply to give a fantastic display.


Deutzia, Weigela and Philadelphus are all shrubs that will give scent, colour and interesting flowers to stimulate the scenes. There are many dotted around the grounds, so keep an eye or nose out for them.


Another interesting plant is Smilancina racemosa (false spikenard). This plant looks a little like solomon’s seal and is located near the scented garden.


Minterne Gardens open daily from 10am to 6pm.

Minterne Magna, Dorset DT2 7AU

Adults £6

Season Tickets available: Family £30 & Single £20

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