Minterne Gardens will be open from 1st February

Cherry Blossom At Minterne Gardens – March Walks

By the end of March, these delicate flowers bring fresh beauty to the landscape.


Countless quotes have been dedicated to their beauty and encapsulate the admiration of people who enjoy them every spring. A Japanese Zen Buddhist monk and poet wrote: “Break open a cherry tree and there are no flowers; but the spring breeze brings forth myriad blossoms.”

One of the reasons for the popularity of cherry blossom lies in their symbolism. They are said to be like clouds as they bloom all at once and hang above the trees as if to shroud them in mist. Then – just like clouds – they suddenly disappear, symbolizing ephemerality or the transient nature of life.


Minterne Gardens welcomes these blossom clouds every spring along Cherry Tree Avenue. Visitors are welcome to brave the March winds and enjoy the pure delight of walking under a canopy of exquisite blossom.


Open daily 10-6

Season Tickets £30 Family/£20 Single

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