Minterne Gardens will be open from 1st February

Bluebells at Minterne Gardens – April Walks

Enchanting, frothy, and iconic, bluebells are a favourite with the faeries and a sure sign that spring is in full swing! Glowing violet in the woods, the bluebell is an incredible wildflower spectacle and reach their greatest densities in the UK woods creating incredible blue carpets which we fondly associate with spring.


Also known as Cuckoo’s Boots, Witches Thimbles and Lady’s Nightcap there are countless folklore tales about bluebells. It’s said that if you turn a bluebell inside-out without tearing it you will win the one you love.


The Elizabethans crushed their bulbs to make starch for ruffs, collars, and sleeves. Owing to their toxicity there has been little use for bluebells in modern medicine.


Slow to grow, taking at least 5 years for a seed to develop into a bulb here in the shrubbery you will not have to wait at all as we are awash with bluebells at this time of year – a sign that you are in a rare and special habitat at Minterne Gardens.


Open daily 10:00am – 6:00pm

Season Tickets £30 Family/£20 Single

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