Minterne Gardens will be open from 1st February | 8th June closed 1.55-2.30pm | 22nd June closed 1.55-2.30pm

Winter wellbeing walks among drifts of snowdrops.

Minterne Gardens open for the snowdrops from 1st February 2022

For those of us who have been indoors over the winter months, the arrival of snowdrops heralds spring, and at Minterne Gardens we are very happy to see these cheerful flowers appearing.


Nestling amidst the soft sparkle of light snow, which melts to expose a greeny dampness, “Minterne’s Miniatures” are bursting forth. Take the time to walk along paths cut by frosty threads of startling whiteness with new vistas at each turn.


After the long winter, Minterne Garden is preparing for new growth. Gone are the autumn leaves the colour of toast. Gone is the autumn sun as yellow as a young chick and in their place is the promise of another season around the corner.

Swathes of snowdrops
Swathes of snowdrops by Eleanor’s bridge

Surrounded by nature, a Walk in Green space can act as a restorative tonic. So, we invite you to wrap up warm and come to explore a rustling wild woodland garden which might still occasionally be stirred-up by those north winds!

Minterne Gardens open for the snowdrops from 1st February 2022

Minterne Magna, Dorset DT2 7AU

Entrance: 2-for-the-price-of-1 (£6) while snowdrops last

Season Tickets available:

Family £30

Single £20

Swathes of Snowdrops at Minterne House


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