“This is our favourite place. We have a holiday home near Weymouth and being a member of Historic Houses we visited Minterne Gardens some four years ago. Since then we are drawn like a magnet and we visit twice a year, especially in May June when all the blossoms on the rhododendrons and the azaleas are out.

“There are literally millions (probably billions)of them of different colours and hues. It is quite stunning so take your camera. It is a lovely walk of just over a mile and be warned it is a little uphill on the way back, but it is definitely worth it.

There are only a few gardeners but they will always stop and have a chat. If possible take the river walk at the bottom for it is splendid. Dog friendly on a leash but not too sure about wheelchairs. A couple of times I have helped push a wheel chair and it was hard work (I am 70 but pretty fit!) It is downhill to the river walk and there is a track for wheelchairs that takes a top path, but be a little wary. I think it is a charge of £5 per person and there is a tea room in the main house which I believe is NOT open to the general public.”

Nigel G,

October 2016

Via TripAdvisor