Pumpkin anyone?

Visit Minterne Gardens this Halloween and see if you can find Jack of the Lantern roaming the gardens with any other evil spirits!

The tradition of Jack O’Lantern pumpkins originates in Ireland with a Folk Tale about Jack, a stingy trickster, and the Devil…and here at Minterne Gardens, Alan from the Gardening Team has been growing his own (pumpkins, not horns!). The fantastic orange lanterns will be lighting the Halloween Trail through the Gardens from 21 Oct to 1st November; fancy dress is welcome!

But Halloween pumpkins aren’t the only things that are glowing here at the moment. The magnificent collection of acers at Minterne are starting to flare with a glorious range of oranges, reds and golden yellows. As well as the colourful leaves the trees are bedecked with wing-shaped seed pods, known as keys, adding extra Autumn interest, and they are great fun for children to throw spinning into the air…

And speaking of spinning, it seems the spiders are going into overdrive in the Gardens, with webs draping across plants and trees everywhere…perhaps they want to make it look spookier for the Halloween Trails? There is an old superstition that spiders’ webs that float at sunset in the autumn, bring with them a night frost. So if you have tender plants at home, get a heads-up by looking out for floating webs as you (and any Halloween imps you may have with you) take a walk around the Trail!
You should also keep your eyes open for the long, icy fingers of Fatsia ‘Spiders Web’… it may be just around the next corner…

However, if the drawing in of the dark evening fills you with a feeling of dread and makes your hair stand on end, come and take in a little sunshine with the glowing yellow blooms of hypericum (St. John’s wort) traditionally used as an herbal medicine for treating low mood.

And if you are doing the Halloween Trail, don’t just look for pumpkins, you can also spot some of our plants which are undergoing their spooky transformations at this time of year, such as the red and orange bat-wing shaped leaves of Mahonia x media, or the long spikes and eerie green glow of the fruits of Kirengeshoma palmate.

But whatever you do, as you walk through the Gardens, have a Spooktacular day, and remember….don’t stray from the path!
Gardens Open Daily
10am – 6pm    *    1st February to 8th November    *    Admission Price £6.00 (Children under 12 Free)
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Dogs welcome on leads    *    Parking is FREE for visitors in the car park opposite St Andrews Church    *    Minterne currently offers a selection of cream teas (weather permitting - please phone ahead to confirm)    *    Please note: Unfortunately, Minterne Gardens feature many uneven surfaces and are therefore NOT SUITABLE for wheelchairs    *    Minterne House itself is a private residence and therefore not open to the public without prior consent.