By Mark Bobin


JULY is a great month to view the diverse wildlife that call Minterne Gardens their home. Dragonflies, Damselflies and frogs all stick around the water areas. Here you will see the Dragonflies zoom by, Damselflies gracefully flutter between landing on plants, and frogs can be seen in wet or damp positions, so keep an eye out for them. The Dragonfly pictured is a Male Broad-bodied Chaser which is a little different to other Dragonflies because it has a flatter body and flies quite like a hornet.

Bees of all different varieties work the flowers in Minterne Gardens. Sometimes creating their nests in an unoccupied bird box, they feed on many different plants that are out at this time. Hornets are also working Minterne Gardens. These gentle giants are a wonderful sight to behold. If you are lucky you can hear them as they buzz by feeding on flies and other insects.

There is​ also a massively diverse birdlife at Minterne Gardens. Water loving birds are very visible along the river throughout the garden. Moorhens, Coots, ducks, Egrets, Geese, Kingfishers and Herons all gather to feed and nest at Minterne.

There are many, many more mammals, birds and insects that call Minterne Gardens their home. These creatures benefit the ecosystem and without them the garden wouldn’t​ be what it is today. This is why we gently nurture when we can but more than often leave the wildlife alone and work together to achieve our goals.

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Henni’s Sweet Treats will be serving Light Lunches & Cream Teas on the East Terrace overlooking the lake during the summer and we currently have a special offer with entry to the garden, tea, coffee with cream tea or light lunch all for just £10 – a real bargain!

Gardens open daily 10am – 6pm, Entrance £6 (Season tickets available here). On the A352 Dorchester to Sherborne road.

Mark Bobin Head Gardener Minterne Gardens

weddings at minterne

Photos Courtesy of: Head Gardener Mark Bobin

Gardens Open Daily
10am – 6pm    *    1st February to 8th November    *    Admission Price £6.00 (Children under 12 Free)
Season Tickets Available Here

Dogs welcome on leads    *    Parking is FREE for visitors in the car park opposite St Andrews Church    *    Minterne currently offers a selection of cream teas (weather permitting - please phone ahead to confirm)    *    Please note: Unfortunately, Minterne Gardens feature many uneven surfaces and are therefore NOT SUITABLE for wheelchairs    *    Minterne House itself is a private residence and therefore not open to the public without prior consent.