Warm up this weekend with a glorious autumn walk around the Himalayan Gardens at Minterne as the trees begin to show their fiery colours!

There is nothing quite the same as seeing the garden in its seasonal transition as the colder days turn Summer’s vibrant array of greens into the rich reds, oranges and golden yellows to light up the shorter Autumn days.
But it’s not all about the trees, as flowers and other plants provide a warm palette to bring colour to every corner of the Gardens. From the simple, sunshine rays of the coneflowers (rudbeckia) and thelarge leaved Darmera peltata’s volcanic bursts edging the streams, to the deep reddish purple spots of the intriguing miniature lilly Tricyrtis formosana ‘Dark Beauty’, the eye is constantly drawn to new treasures.

However there is more to Minterne’s autumn show than just colour and form – the circudephyllum japonicum (katsura tree) has a delicate, fluttering display of almost circular, flame-red and bronze leaves which offer up a rich toffee scent as they begin to fall. And if you enjoy scented flowers, the sweet, jasmine-like fragrance of the star shaped bloom on Hepacodium miconioides in the Scented Garden, is just one of the hidden jewels you can discover.

Giving an extra boost to the seasonal display are Head Gardener, Mark Bobin and his team, who are making the most the early autumn sun to get out planting.

“It’s the perfect time of year to be getting mature plants and the plants we have grown from seed this spring out into the garden” says Mark, “Minterne’s ericaceous (acidic) green sand soils are still warm from the summer, and have the added benefit of a good dose of water from the autumn showers! It gives the plants an ideal environment to establish themselves before things get too chilly, and helps to invigorate the garden.”

“We’ve just planted a Fothergilla major ‘Monticolour’ (mountain witch alder) by the entrance to the Gardens. The leaves are bright orange and yellow at this time of year, and make a real impact in the bed; it’s quite small now, but here at Minterne we have to take the long view and think of the next 40-60 years when we’re planting!”

As the nights get colder, and the days shorter, leaves stop making the chlorophyll which makes them green, and their fiery colours really start to blaze. There are some fantastic opportunities for taking photographs for the Minterne Gardens ‘Full Season’ photo competition, with the 12 best seasonal photographs going to to make a the Minterne Calendar 2020: see the website for details https://minterne.co.uk/

Come and experience Minterne’s Autumn Fire for yourself this weekend, the gardens are open from 10am – 6pm daily, check the website for details and café opening times: https://minterne.co.uk/

Gardens Open Daily
10am – 6pm    *    1st February to 8th November    *    Admission Price £6.00 (Children under 12 Free)
Season Tickets Available Here

Dogs welcome on leads    *    Parking is FREE for visitors in the car park opposite St Andrews Church    *    Minterne currently offers a selection of cream teas (weather permitting - please phone ahead to confirm)    *    Please note: Unfortunately, Minterne Gardens feature many uneven surfaces and are therefore NOT SUITABLE for wheelchairs    *    Minterne House itself is a private residence and therefore not open to the public without prior consent.